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Food Safety & Industrial Ventilation Engineering at Controlled Environment Equipment

FSMA Compliance, Energy Recovery, Dust Collection, & Thermal Oxidizer Solutions

Controlled Environment Equipment: engineers, designs, and implements complete, turnkey industrial ventilation solutions and air pollution control systems. We specialize in  assisting our clients in compliance with FSMA, OSHA, and EPA regulations while vastly improving efficiency and reducing operating costs for our clients. CEE has consistently stayed ahead of the curve in four niche areas of industrial ventilation: food safety ventilation, dust collection and scrubbers, regenerative oxidizers, and energy recovery.

Food Safety Ventilation Systems

CEE will design the most effective and efficient industrial ventilation management system for your food manufacturing or industrial process. We have partnered with clients for more than thirty years to provide engineering solutions to air quality and ventilation issues.  CEE Corp has the expertise to ensure your food manufacturing facility meets all EPA, OSHA, and FDA regulatory standards, including the Food Safety Modernization Act and HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point) standards..

Energy Recovery Systems

CEE Corp has been engineering and implementing energy recovery systems for over 35 years. With current high fuel prices, energy recovery systems pay for themselves in as little as twelve months and our clients routinely save between tens of thousands to over millions of dollars annually in fuel costs. Our engineers also work with local energy providers to obtain any available rebates or incentives for your improved industrial ventilation system. CEE Corp offers custom design and installation of air to water, air to air, and waste heat boiler energy recovery systems meeting your facility’s specific requirements.

Industrial Scrubbers & Dust Collection Systems

Dust collection systems can consist of bag houses, cartridge collectors, and cyclones or a combination of all these depending on the application. In a total system involving VOC capture and destruction, there may be a significant quantity of particulates, VOCs, and a potential to produce acids through the oxidizer. Our engineers employ the use of an industrial scrubber system in these situations. CEE Corp specializes in the custom engineering, fabrication and implementation of turnkey industrial dust collection systems and solutions.

Regenerative Oxidizer Systems 

CEE Corp has been engineering and installing regenerative thermal oxidizer systems(RTO’s) since 1975. We specialize in the capture and control of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and hydrocarbons as well as odor control applications. Our state-of-the-art regenerative and recuperative thermal oxidizers are used in combination with energy recovery systems, scrubbers, and dust collectors to create turnkey industrial ventilation and air pollution control systems customized for your facility.

Controlled Environment Equipment for Turnkey Food Safety & Industrial Ventilation Systems

Avoid violations with custom food safety ventilation Systems

Since our beginnings with industrial dust collection, CEE Corp has been at the forefront of industrial ventilation and air pollution control technology. For over 35 years, we’ve been saving businesses millions of dollars with innovative ventilation and pollution control solutions. Our turnkey approach means one point of contact and complete ownership throughout the entire process. For comprehensive food safety and industrial ventilation, energy recovery, and air pollution control solutions, choose CEE Corp.

Contact the top food safety and industrial ventilation engineers at CEE Corp for more information on our comprehensive services.