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25,000 scfm Regenerative Oxidizer Ethanol Emissions

Ethanol Destruction and Process Energy Recovery A Midwest food manufacturer inquired how to control the air pollution byproducts of one of their processes. The exhaust from their process was 25,000 scfm and contained ethanol that exceeded the EPA Code emissions for the area. A two bed Regenerative Oxidizer was recommended to convert the ethanol …

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Manufacturer Reduces Heating Costs

New Manufacturing Facility Air Pollution Control System Must Eliminate VOCs, Dust and Odors A worldwide picture frame manufacturer was building a brand new facility to increase production and office space at their headquarters. Located in the scenic Northwoods of the Midwest meant environmental concerns were top priority when selecting the air p…

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Consumer Food Manufacturer Expands Production and Meets Strict Air Quality Control Standards

HACCP Consultants Recommend Retox Two Bed Regenerative Oxidizer for SCAQMD Compliance Controlled Environment Equipment Corp was called in to a West Coast food manufacturer to design a system that would meet strict air quality control standards in one of the toughest regions in the country: South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) in …

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Gravure/Flexo Printer Expands with Regenerative Systems

Compact Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Meets and Exceeds EPA Standards A Wisconsin Gravure printing and flexible packaging firm installed an RTO Oxidizer system to meet Federal EPA and State DNR new source performance standards for air quality. While the RTO was designed to handle 35,000 scfm design airflows, the printer has been able to increase t…

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Oxidizer Energy Recovery

This System Uses New Regenerative Oxidizer Technology To Replace Older Catalytic Oxidizer With Additional Heat Recovery We were called in by a Metal Coating Facility in the Midwest to review an existing installation that was not meeting their current requirements for VOC Control. After reviewing the facility requirements, a system was proposed tha…

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Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Saves $88,000/month and Cleans VOC's

The low energy use and high destruction rating of the Adwest RETOX® RTO provides production flexibility to the spray coater who now increase usage of solvent coating formulations while maintaining their client's standards for paint quality and color. The RETOX® RTO provides maintenance free operation with automatic PLC controls and remote t…

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VOC Destruction Generates Auxiliary Steam For In-Plant Process Heating.

To comply with stringent Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) air-pollution regulations, a mid-western coatings producer needed to find a maximum achievable control technology (MACT). They needed to find an air-pollution control and energy recovery system for the coating producer’s plant expansion. The twin-bed regenerative thermal oxidizer …

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Regenerative Oxidizer Saves Coffee Roaster Over $500,000 A Year

A Coffee Roasting Facility in the Southern part of the United States needed to review and analyze their existing Emission Control System for the off-gases from roasting coffee beans. After visiting the site it was found that the existing system used a catalytic oxidizer section that continued to fail due to high temperatures, coating from high boil…

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