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A leading Midwest milling and woodworking company came to CEE for an upgrade to their dust collection system.  The dust in the production room was not being collected properly by an existing collector and with an expansion in the near future, a 45,000 CFM BRF dust collector was recommended to not only help the immediate dust collection problem, but also prepare the customer for any future expansion of production.

The BRF dust collector was recommended because not only would it work for the current amount of CFM required during start up, but it also had the capacity to allow more dust collection, while maintaining the required collection at existing work stations.  The BRF also made changing bags out simple, with its “tool-less” design.  

Not only was this easy for the customer to do when CEE took into account the drastic seasonal temperature changes that the Midwest hast to offer.  The customer has the choice of when and how much air can be exhausted outside at their discretion.   During the summer months, the hot air from the collector is not wanted back in the plant, and can be 100% exhausted outside.  However, during the cold Midwest winters, the air is exhausted back into the plant.  By doing this,  CEE has reduced  heating cost in the winter, since the air being returned into the plant, is the same air and same temperature as what just left the plant only a minute before. bag changing was necessary, it reduced production loss time, in turn reducing cost associated with down time.

As safety is always a concern with a dust collection system, CEE not only required explosion venting on the dust collector itself, but an abort gate for the outlet of the collector, and a back draft damper for the inlet of the collector.  With these items in place, the customer has peace of mind knowing that in the event of a spark, fire, or explosion, the force will be vented to the outside and will not reach back into their plant.

Not only did the new dust collection system give the customer the flexibility to expand in the future, it also gave them an immediate solution to the problem of having too much dust inside the production room.  By installing a bigger, more efficient collector, CEE was able to save the customer money in heating and down time cost, while also increasing employee safety and improving working conditions.


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