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Food Safety for Chocolate Manufacturer

Chocolate Manufacturing Facility Food Safety Ventilation System Diagram

Improved Air Quality and Heat Recovery Systems Add Value to Final Product

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The customer needed to upgrade their chocolate manufacturing plant for better control of air quality. The plant personnel wanted us to incorporate the following considerations into the overall plan:

  • Isolate the contaminated areas from the clean areas.
  • Remove heat from the process.
  • Capture the fugitive dust.
  • Maintain a controlled air temperature with low humidity in the storage area.
  • Provide heat recovery in compressor room.

Airlocks, Make-Up Air and Controlled Static Pressure Separate Clean and Contaminated Areas

Controlled Environment Equipment Corp accomplished these requests by installing ductwork in the facility to provide make-up air to pressurize the clean areas and exhaust fans in the contaminated area. The areas were also separated by airlocks and by controlling static pressure and airflows between the rooms.

Seasonal Heat Controls Lower Energy Costs by Reusing Exhaust Air in Winter

Two large 100-ton air conditioners were added with reheat and economizers to control the temperature and humidity. In the compressor room, the exhaust air was direct captured from the air compressor and exhausted during he summer. In the wintertime, the exhaust air was returned and blended with supply air to control temperature in this room and adjacent rooms.

Central Control Room and Continual Plant Monitoring Improve Food Production and Working Conditions

The plant-wide total ventilation system is controlled at a central control room which gives continuous read-outs and has the capability of changing the set points. When the project was finished, the customer was not only able to control the quality of air, but also provide better working conditions for their employees. The added value was to provide a better product to their customers.

Food safety manufacturing solutions

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