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Food Safety Ventilation for Dog Food Manufacturer

Multi Floor Food Safety Ventilation System Area Risk Diagram

FSMA Compliant Food Safety Ventilation System for Pet Food Plant

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Controlled Environment Equipment Corp was called into a major pet food manufacturer in the Midwest to design and implement a ventilation system for food safety at their facility. Concerns for this facility included removing heat, controlling air pressure by room, and separating kill area from non-kill areas.

Multi-Floor Ventilation System Maintains Static Pressure throughout 1,000,000 sqft Facility

This project was more involved because the system had to handle multiple floors. Air had to be directed from floor to floor to maintain static pressure design conditions in all of the production rooms. Our design allowed for the make-up air to be reused several times before being exhausted. This resulted in substantial energy savings.

This facility was approximately 1,000,000 sqft. A central control system was installed to provide the operators easy access to all aspects of the facility ventilation which resulted in additional energy savings.

The diagram above shows the various areas of the facility that have classifications related to Food Safety ventilation design: Orange Area: Moderate Risk. Blue Area: Transition Zone. Green Area: Post Kill Process Equipment.

Food safety manufacturing solutions

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