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Gravure/Flexo Printer Expands with Regenerative Systems

Compact Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Meets and Exceeds EPA Standards

A Wisconsin Gravure printing and flexible packaging firm installed an RTO Oxidizer system to meet Federal EPA and State DNR new source performance standards for air quality. While the RTO was designed to handle 35,000 scfm design airflows, the printer has been able to increase the system capacity to 42,300 scfm maximum flow rate due to the low system pressure drop of the RTO design. The RTO operates from 0 to 20% LEL solvent loadings with a blend of Xylene, Acetates, MEK, Alcohols and Toluene hydrocarbons. The RTO operates fuel free at 3% and greater loadings and exceeds federal and state VOC emission destruction requirements. Due to space constraints, the compact RTO system was platform mounted above a loading dock area and was shipped shop assembled in two main modules to expedite installation time. The new RTO also uses less than half the fan horsepower that a previously installed RTO consumed due to the low RTO pressure drop. PLC controls provide automatic system operation and monitoring for reliable operation.

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