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Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Saves $88,000/month and Cleans VOC's

The low energy use and high destruction rating of the Adwest RETOX® RTO provides production flexibility to the spray coater who now increase usage of solvent coating formulations while maintaining their client's standards for paint quality and color. The RETOX® RTO provides maintenance free operation with automatic PLC controls and remote telemetry diagnostics.

A major Midwest paint spray coater and finisher installed a 35,000 scfm RETOX® RTO oxidizer in 1997 to replace two outdated recuperative thermal oxidizers. The

upgrade to the Adwest RETOX® RTO system provided two major benefits to the paint finisher including a high VOC destruction rate of 99% of toluene, heptane, xylene and MEK solvents. The second major benefit was an immediate reduction of the spray coater's gas and electric bill by over $88,000/month due to the high efficiency RETOX® RTO regenerative heat exchangers with ceramic heat transfer media rated at 95% thermal efficiency.

The success of the initial RETOX® RTO retrofit prompted the spray coater to install a second similar 40,000 SCFM RETOX® RTO at their west coast paint facility in late 1998 to comply with MACT EPA air quality standards.

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