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Controlled Environment Equipment Corporation is committed to creating turnkey systems unique to each client's facility. We provide a vast selection of products to ensure your facility has the perfect air system, backed by over thirty five years of industry leading experience.

CEE Corp offers everything from blowers and fans to full energy recovery systems, as well as replacement cartridges and filters. With experienced technicians who are well versed in the nuances of air quality control, and a wide selection of equipment available, CEE Corp can create a custom system tailored to your facility.

Industrial Fan and Blower Systems

CEE Corp provides a variety of different fan and blower specifications. We have partnered with some of the top industrial manufacturers, providing the perfect piece of equipment to ensure excellent flow control. Paired with a wide selection of ductwork supplies, fan and blowers from CEE Corp will be an essential asset to your facility – whether you’re building a new headquarters or renovating an existing one.

A top model HVAC unit from CEE Corp ensures effective climate management throughout your facility. With HVAC units available in many styles and sizes, CEE Corp can provide an energy efficient HVAC system, keeping your facility comfortable year round.

With a selection of industrial vacuums, scrubbers and dust collectors available, CEE Corp provides healthy air flow and positive air quality. CEE Corp’s industrial dust and mist collectors keep your facility haze free. With both portable and central industrial vacuum systems available, CEE Corp will keep your facility clean. A scrubber from CEE Corp will provide an effective and efficient way to reduce air pollution.

Save Green by Being Green

If you’re looking to ensure safety and efficiency for your facility look no further than our selection of oxidizers, energy recovery systems, and abort gates. These provide services which improve the safety and efficiency of your facility, while reducing its carbon footprint. Offering some of the best oxidizers and reducers available, CEE Corp provides high quality oxidizer systems, reducing air pollution while increasing energy efficiency.

Our energy recovery systems reduce heating and cooling costs for your facility. An energy recovery air handling unit from CEE Corp will be a money saving asset for your company for many years to come. High-tech abort gates monitor air quality and seal off dangerous combustible particles before a spark can reach them, helping to prevent costly, damaging disasters.

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