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Air Ventilation Systems for Manufacturers

Controlled Environment Equipment (CEE) has been dedicated to Total Customer Satisfaction for over thirty years. Our decades of experience in air ventilation systems have made us an industry leader in air pollution control solutions. We can create turnkey systems meeting and exceeding regulatory standards, while minimizing operating costs and maximizing efficiency. CEE Corp is committed to creating a top quality ventilation system for your facility at competitive prices.

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Ventilation Systems for Food Manufacturing

CEE Corp will design a custom ventilation system for your facility. With a vast arsenal of:

  • Fans
  • Blowers
  • Scrubbers
  • Dust Collectors
  • Oxidizers
  • Energy Recovery Systems

CEE Corp can custom fit a turnkey ventilation system tailored to your facility. With over thirty years of experience navigating the complex rules of air regulation, CEE Corp creates custom turnkey systems, ensuring maximum regulatory compliance with a minimum operating cost.

Our engineers have years of experience creating custom industrial ventilation solutions throughout the industry. Your turnkey industrial ventilation system will be focused on contamination prevention, rather than response. CEE Corp has experience with many different customers throughout the food industry, ranging from Oscar Mayer to Kikkoman.

Food Manufacturing Products Available through CEE Corp

CEE Corp is a certified dealer for several different pieces of food manufacturing equipment. We offer conveyor solutions from Flexicon Corporation - a world leader in the design and manufacture of bulk handling equipment. CEE Corp offers pneumatic conveyor and flexible screw conveyor systems. Both are ideal assets when transporting bulk material anywhere in your facility.

From Jacob Tubing, LP, CEE Corp offers complete modular tubing systems. This tubing system features precision made flanged ends guaranteeing a perfect seal every time. All Jacobs Tubing products are USDA approved for food manufacturing, available in mild, stainless, or galvanized steel finishes. Both companies have years of experience and proudly operate in the USA.

Custom Designed Energy Recovery Systems

CEE Corp has offered custom turnkey energy recovery systems for manufacturers since global fuel prices soared in the 1970s. A custom energy recovery system from CEE Corp could save your company as much as $1.4 million every year in energy costs. We don’t offer “cookie cutter” systems. Every CEE Corp energy recovery system is custom made to the individual facilities specifications to maximize efficiency and minimize costs.

A custom turnkey energy recovery system from CEE Corp could pay for itself in as little as twelve months. CEE Corp energy recovery systems allow manufacturers to capture heat which would otherwise be lost. Each energy recovery system from CEE Corp has been custom built to maximize energy efficiency and minimize emissions of the individual facility, all at competitive prices. CEE Corp will even reach out to your local government to ensure your company receives the proper tax benefits and incentives.

Food safety manufacturing solutions

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