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Minimizing Air Pollution in Food Manufacturing Facilities

CEE-Corp Helps Businesses Comply with Strict Air Quality Control Requirements

Food Air PollutionAir is often an overlooked factor in food contamination processes. As something which can be a carrier of toxins and other microorganisms throughout a food processing plant, air frequently leads to contaminated food/bacterial outbreaks. The overall airflow within your food manufacturing facilities often determines the state of a product, potentially contaminating food items if proper air quality equipment isn’t being used correctly. It’s important to remember that food safety and air quality go hand in hand – in most cases where there is a bacterial outbreak, the source is linked back to the facility where the food was initially processed. The cause could be poor air quality.

All equipment in a food processing facility must be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized to eliminate any lingering bacteria. It’s also important to ensure your facility doesn’t have too much moisture in the building. High indoor humidity can cause your equipment to rust or grow mold, causing serious outbreaks in your facility.

Keep Your Facility Clean and Healthy

CEE-Corp has been providing turnkey air quality solutions for food processing companies throughout the country for over 30 years. Reduce bacterial outbreaks in food processing facilities by investing in air purification systems, like the twin-bed regenerative oxidizer, which effectively removes VOCs from your air. Our team will evaluate your facility, then custom design and build a plant-wide ventilation system to comply with FSMA regulations. These new systems often reduce your energy bills, in addition to providing cleaner air quality. Our engineers recently installed a multi-story safety ventilation system for a Midwest pet food production facility. This system had to meet specific requirements like controlling air pressure by room and maintaining static pressure throughout a massive facility.

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Keep your facility safe and up to FSMA and EPA codes with the help of our experienced team of industrial ventilation engineers. We provide cost-effective, quality solutions for customers across the country.

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