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Controlled Environment Equipment (CEE) has worked with hundreds of manufacturers over the past few decades, turning several clients into repeat customers. And with the whole world going green, their engineering solutions have been more in demand than ever.

So, when a long-standing customer--a large international metal finishing firm-- asked to see a proposal of an air pollution control and energy recovery system, CEE's Sales Engineer, Gary Henkelmann said yes. The caveat? The client was in Thailand. The meeting? It was only an hour and a half long.

Still, Henkelmann embarked on the 24-hour trip to Bangkok. Despite the wide array of movie selections, Henkelmann admits: “It was a looonngg flight.”

“I looked at the coordinates--170 degrees around the world,” Henkelmann recalled. “You can only go 180.”

Industrial Ventilation Engineers provide Quality Services 

CEE has installed and implemented several large air pollution control systems, otherwise known as regenerative oxidizers, for the client before. The client was in the market for a new system because their Thailand plant had been directly affected by the Tsunamis and subsequent flooding. They moved their plant to higher ground, and like many developing countries, were encouraged to adhere to new governmental air-pollution regulations.

Knowing that CEE specializes in and designs these sort of systems, they asked CEE to meet. Henkelmann traveled by plane, then rode the train through the countryside before arriving in the city. But, his trip was all business. Outside of taking a brisk walk through the city’s streets, Henkelmann was confined to the Holiday Inn where his meeting took place.

It isn’t the first place Henkelmann has traveled for CEE. In the past he has aided a Chinese manufacturer in the design and installation of an air-pollution system, and last year he went to Finland for a sales presentation.

Cutting Edge Technology in Pollution Control Equipment

“It was dark, sixty-degrees North,” says Henkelmann. It’s clear he’s a numbers guy.

Henkelmann has been in manufacturing dryers and pollution control equipment for most of his career, and like many of his colleagues, has a passion for the technology that works behind the scenes. As a sales engineer, Henkelmann has his hand in the whole process--from the first designs up through the emission recovery process.

Technology to Recycle Heat

Some of CEE’s most popular systems--like the one reviewed in Thailand--has to do with energy recovery. The client in Thailand utilized a special process to wash metal cans. Because the water has to be kept at a particular high temperature, water-heating systems often run on gas heat. CEE’s energy recovery systems can eliminate that process by recycling the heat that is emitted into the air and essentially looping it back to heat the water. More importantly, customers save money on operating and maintenance costs, increasing revenues and production.“It’s basically giving [the customer] free energy,” Henkelmann said. “They can shut off the boilers.”

Clean, Energy-Driven Results 

That’s just what CEE does. At CEE, industrial ventilation solutions start with a concept and finish with results.

From the United States, all the way to Thailand, more than 170 degrees away.

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