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Innovative Air Pollution Control Solutions Attracts Industry Leader

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As one of the largest and most respected food brands in the world, Kraft Foods has looked to Controlled Environment Equipment Corp to help control their enormous energy and efficiency needs.

Just how big? In Kraft's snacks and confectionary division, the ovens used to bake Kraft products stand about four to six feet high and run the length of a football field. Kraft has about 98 such ovens in plants around the country. All of the ovens run on natural gas, which costs the food company $28 million a year.

Needless to say, that's a lot of heat.

“It is like a jet engine sitting on your ceiling,” said Kraft Infrastructure Program Manager, Greg Scattergood. “It gets pretty expensive.”

Increase Energy Efficiency at Cost Effective Prices

As infrastructure program manager, Scattergood is responsible for “everything having to do with the plant,” from plant walls, to exhaust, boiler and oven systems. Over the years, finding ways to improve plant sustainability--especially in the world's largest bakery--has become a top priority.

Thermal Oxidizer Systems Help Reduce Emissions 

Which is why Kraft Foods turned to CEE. Currently, Kraft operates regenerative thermal oxidizer systems at three Kraft plants.

“The RTOs reduced gas consumption,” Scattergood said. “We’re reducing our emissions in the atmosphere. It’s helped our carbon footprint, increased our efficiency and reduced our energy costs.”

The regenerative thermal oxidizer systems help to burn up the exhaust that comes out of the oven during production. During bakery production, alcohol is emitted during fermentation processes. To combat this, Kraft previously used VOC systems to burn the exhaust. While, those systems meet government standards Scattergood said RTOs “were the next step,” with burn rates of up to 99.9%. VOC systems typically have burn rates of about 97%, he said.

“It’s probably the cleanest you can get,” Scattergood said. “The [VOC] system was an inadequate way to burn off emissions. We knew that the RTO would probably pay for itself in a couple of years.”

Green RTO System Offers Return on Investment

So far, CEE’s RTO system at Kraft’s Philadelphia plant has given the company an Internal Rate of Return of over 25%, putting cost savings well ahead of the company’s five-year payback rate.

Industrial Ventilation System Engineers Impress Kraft with Knowledge and Experience 

“They always step up to plate,” Scattergood said of Controlled Environment Equipment. “Their knowledge about engineering has been very beneficial to us. They bring a lot of experience. I think very highly of them.”

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