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Reducing Aerosol Contamination with Controlled Environment Equipment

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Aerosol contamination has been a growing concern in the food manufacturing industry, especially since the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2011. The FSMA has greatly improved food safety by shifting focus to preventing contamination rather than simply responding to it, but it has created many barriers and hurdles for manufacturers. Thankfully, Controlled Environment Equipment Corp is well versed in the nuances of the FSMA, and will design a compliant airflow system for your food manufacturing facility.

CEE Corp has been on the cutting edge of airflow safety for more than 35 years, and custom engineers systems fully compliant with FSMA, FDA, OSHA, and EPA regulations. Our in depth knowledge of airflow systems allows us to engineer a system for your unique facility greatly reducing the risk of aerosol contamination. 

Contamination Risks in the Food Manufacturing Industry

Aerosol contaminates can be transferred from one production area to the next in a variety of ways. Poor ventilation or even an open door could lead to contamination of ready to eat (RTE) or other products. Airborne microbial contamination poses a serious threat to RTE products - compromising the safety of your facility and your product, threatening your customers and your bottom line.

When designing an airflow system we always ask:

  • Where has the air been?
  • Where will it go?
  • Does it come into contact with the product?
  • Does it carry contaminates/aerosol pathogens?

Asking these questions allows us to determine the level of risk for contamination and where the risk is coming from. With this information we can design a turnkey system for your facility that utilizes cascading air flow to greatly reduce the risk of aerosol contamination.

The Power of Cascading Airflow

CEE Corp utilizes cascading airflow when designing food safety ventilation systems. By creating an environment with positive airflow, air naturally flows from one area of your facility to the next.

CEE Corp systems use powerful air handling equipment to generate positive airflow from one production area to the next:

  • Double filter air handling units generate initial airflow
  • Transfer fans between each area aid airflow and prevent back flow
  • Exhaust fans in high risk areas vent potential contaminates outside of the facility

Cascading airflow prevents potential aerosol contaminates in high risk areas from jumping to low risk areas. As airflow runs counter to the production process, potential contaminates are pushed away from the finished product and outside of the facility. CEE Corp has been engineering efficient, compliant equipment for a variety of food manufacturing facilities for over 35 years.

Turnkey Air Systems Designed for Your Food Production Facility

Every food safety ventilation system designed by CEE Corp is built to maximize performance, efficiency, and safety within your specific facility. Our engineers will consult with you to address your needs and establish a plan of action around your requirements. We then set to work designing a turnkey system, fully compliant with all FSMA, FDA, OSHA, and EPA regulations. A food safety ventilation system from CEE Corp will improve your facility’s air quality and significantly reduce the risks of aerosol contaminants. From design to engineering to implementation, choose CEE Corp for all of your food manufacturing ventilation needs!

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Take a deep breath and contact Controlled Environment Equipment Corporation to start designing your turnkey food safety ventilation system today. 

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