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Food Safety for Chocolate Manufacturer

Improved Air Quality and Heat Recovery Systems Add Value to Final Product The customer needed to upgrade their chocolate manufacturing plant for better control of air quality. The plant personnel wanted us to incorporate the following considerations into the overall plan: Isolate the contaminated areas from the clean areas. Remove heat from …

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Food Safety Ventilation for Dog Food Manufacturer

FSMA Compliant Food Safety Ventilation System for Pet Food Plant Controlled Environment Equipment Corp was called into a major pet food manufacturer in the Midwest to design and implement a ventilation system for food safety at their facility. Concerns for this facility included removing heat, controlling air pressure by room, and separating kil…

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Consumer Food Manufacturer Expands Production and Meets Strict Air Quality Control Standards

HACCP Consultants Recommend Retox Two Bed Regenerative Oxidizer for SCAQMD Compliance Controlled Environment Equipment Corp was called in to a West Coast food manufacturer to design a system that would meet strict air quality control standards in one of the toughest regions in the country: South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) in …

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Food Processing, Ethanol Removal and Energy Recovery

A Midwest Food manufacturer inquired how to control the air pollution byproducts of one of their processes. The exhaust from their process was 25,000 scfm and contained ethanol that exceeded the EPA Code emissions for the area. A two bed Regenerative Oxidizer was recommended to convert the ethanol byproduct to harmless water vapor and carbon dioxid…

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